User Guide

Import Photos Overview

LAMU can import from a variety of photo storage media. Photos on any media your computer recognizes as storage device can be imported into LAMU.

There are four categories of media sources to import from:

1. Hard Drives: This includes both internal drives and external drives connected to your computer through USB or FireWire ports. The term Hard Drive is used in a generic sense in that it also include SSD drives.

2. Removable Media: Removable media include USB Flash Disks, SD Cards, CDs, DVDs, Cameras, and Camcorders.

3. Phones/Tablets: These are the iOS and Android devices. 

4. Cloud: Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Photos, OneDrive


If you are at the LAMU main window, click on Import Photos menu button will launch the Import Wizard. The Import Wizard will automatically open when you are using LAMU for the first time since there is no photo in the library yet.  



Select the source category and click “Next”. Follow the on screen instructions to start the import process.