Help a Family in Need

Jeff Hess, a member of LAMU user community, is organizing a GoFundMe campaign to help his wife's cousin Margaret to get back to life after a long battle with COVID.

Margaret and her husband Don entered the Hospital in Modesto, CA together in July, 2020 with COVID. Don passed away. Margaret has been hospitalized since then. She will be discharged on Wednesday May 26th to begin her home recovery without her beloved Don.

Margaret worked most of her adult life at fast food restaurants and lives on minimal Social Security. Her income is even less now since Don passed away.

She has two adult sons who are learning disabled with one son who lives at home and is working two part time days a week at another fast food restaurant. They need support to set up Margaret's home health needs and ongoing medical treatments that may not be paid by Medicare as well as Don's funeral expenses.

Please visit the GoFundMe site to read more about the story:

LAMU has pledged to provide a software license free of charge to anyone who donated $50 or more to Margaret's fund.

If you have donated to the fund and are interested in using LAMU to organize your family memories, please submit the form below and we will send you instructions to install LAMU on your own USB drive or computer. (Make sure to type your email address correctly, otherwise we will not be able to contact you. Also enter a brief message.)

You can read more about installing LAMU software on your own devices here:
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