User Guide


This view shows all people in your photos discovered using Face Recognition. The list is ordered in descending order by number of photos each person has appeared in.

View Photos of a Person:

Double click on a person will display all photos this person appears in.

Name a Person:

Right click on a person, then click "Name this Person" from the context menu. The edit person form will be displayed. Enter the person's name and save.

Merge a Person to Another Person:

Sometimes LAMU might put the same person's faces as multiple people. You can merge them into one person. It would be best if you name the person first, and then merge all the faces together. To merge, right click on a person, then click "Merge To". The Pick -a-Person window will be displayed with list of all the people. Select the person to merge to and confirm.

Delete a Person:

Right click on a person, then click "Delete this Person". A warning message will show up. Confirm to delete the person.

Export All Photos with a Person:

Select a person and then right click and select "Export All Photos with this Person". Then select a location to export to.