User Guide Import Photos From Cloud

Import from Cloud

LAMU can import media files (photos, videos, and audio) directly from the following cloud storage providers: Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Photos, and OneDrive.

In order for LAMU to be able to download media files from your cloud storage, you will need to give permission to LAMU so it can connect to your cloud storage. LAMU only needs read permission.

Note that importing media from cloud storage is much slower comparing to importing from your local drives. If you have your photos on both local drives and the cloud, importing from local drives is preferred.

The following screen shot shows the import from cloud window.  


To import from your cloud storage, select a provider and then click on “Grant Permission” button. A browser window will open up and connect to your selected cloud provider to request permission. After you have granted permission to allow LAMU to download photos, close the browser window and then click “Next” to continue the import process.