Life and Memories Unlimited

All your photos, videos, and music in one place,

organized, portable, accessible,

easy to find, easy to share. 

LAMU Organizes All Your Photos and Videos so You Can Find Them Easily

Do you have thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of photos and video files scattered in different places, don't know where they all are, can't find the ones you need when you need them?

With LAMU, you can have all your photos, videos, and music in one place, completely organized so you can easily find them, enjoy them, and share them with family and friends.

LAMU organizes all your media files and lets you find them in ways you like.

Timeline, People, Social Network, Family Tree, Places, Maps, Events, Calendar, Special Days, Albums, Tags, Folders, Original Source Location, Cameras, Favorites, Keyword Search, Group Search, Similarity Search, Advanced Filter, and Music Record Search

Take Full Control of Your Photo Collection and Enjoy Your Precious Memories

Create albums and sort photos the way you want. Categorize albums to manage them easily.
Create custom folder structures to place your photos in any way you like.
Make family trees so you can easily see all the photos of your loved ones.
Manage event photos using sub folders so you can easily locate any photos you need.
Filter photos by type, orientation, resolution, size, camera, and more.
Write comments on photos
Record Voice Memos to tell the full story behind the photos.
Play Slideshows sequentially or randomly with background music. Cast to the big screen so your whole family can enjoy together.

View Photos and Videos from Anywhere, Share with Family and Friends Anywhere in the World

While LAMU runs on your Windows computer, you can access all your photos and videos from anywhere connected to the Internet. You can also share selected photos and videos with family and friends no matter where they are in the world.

Photos in LAMU can be viewed using any devices that have a web browser: Phones (iOS, Android), Tablets (iOS, Android), Mac, Other PCs, and Smart TVs.

Backup/Import Photos and Videos from All Devices and the Cloud

LAMU can backup/import photos and videos from any media your computer recognizes as storage device: Phones (iOS, Android), Tablets (iOS, Android), Internal Drives, External Drives, Flash Drives, SD Cards, Cameras, Camcorders, CDs, DVDs, etc...

LAMU can also import photos and videos from Cloud storage: Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Photos, Google Takeout, and OneDrive.

LAMU automatically removes duplicates during import so you have a clean collection of all your photos.

Save Money, No Monthly Fee. And Never Feel Limited by the Storage Size of Your Phone Again.

With LAMU, you will have ample storage so you can take as many photos and videos as you like.

If you store photos in the Cloud, you probably are paying storage fees every month. A 2-Terabyte plan costs $9.99 a month that you will need to pay indefinitely for the rest of your life. That is $120 a year, $1,200 over 10 years, $3,600 over 30 years. And as soon as you stop paying the monthly fees, you will lose all your photos. 

With LAMU, a 2 Terabyte device costs less than two hundred dollars. Even if you add another backup drive. It’s still a tiny fraction of the cost of storing in the cloud over time. 

With LAMU, everything is under your own possession. You can carry with you anywhere you go. No monthly fee to pay. Plus your photos are well organized with the LAMU software so you can easily find any of your photos to enjoy or share them. 

Plug and Play, the Power is Yours

LAMU works on all modern Windows computers. Just plug LAMU into a USB port. LAMU runs from the USB drive. It does not need to be installed on your computer. 

LAMU transforms your photo and video collection into a powerful information system so you can manage your photos and videos at a whole new level that puts you in charge.  

Story of Your Life in a Complete Timeline

LAMU provides a full timeline view of all your photos and videos. You can also filter for a specific year. 

People You Care About The Most

LAMU utilizes state-of-the-art facial recognition technology to detect faces in your photos and group them by people. You can easily find photos of anyone in your circle. You can also search photos by people who are in the same photo. 

If there are people in a photo that LAMU did not detect, you can easily tag them and draw their faces if you like.

Your Family Tree

You can create a family tree using faces in your photos and see photos for generations of your family in one place. 

Your Social Network

LAMU can generate a social network view of all the people in your photos based on who have taken photos together. 

Places You've Been To

Have a worldwide view of all your photos. 

Paths You've Taken

Drill down and trace back the journey stops in your trips. 

Dates Special to You

Create custom special days. Easily find all photos of birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. 

All in One Place

Organized, Portable, Accessible, Easy to Find