LAMU is based in Fairfax, Virginia. LAMU stands for Life and Memories Unlimited.

Our Mission

Relive the happy moments recorded in photos and videos has positive effects on a person’s wellbeing. Our mission is to provide an easy and fun way to collect, organize, find, and enjoy photos and videos for people who care deeply about their memories.

The Story of LAMU

It started from a tragic accident

On December 11, 2014, My father was hit by a car and was badly injured both physically and spiritually. He suffered severe physical pain, memory loss, and depression the months followed the accident. He had a suitcase of photos and videos he took throughout his life. I noticed that these photos and videos gave him comfort and helped a lot with his spiritual recovery, but frequently he had to go through dozens of storage media to find the photos he was looking for. I decided to help him get his photos organized.  

A home-grown photo organizer

I spent months researching for a solution to organize his suitcase of memories but could not find one that suited his needs. As a professional software developer, I decided to develop a photo organizer just for my father. It took a while to get a working system completed. The first version was pretty rudimentary and required a lot of manual hacks. But I was able to import all the photos and videos in his suitcase onto a single hard drive. I made sure the full timeline of all his photos shows correctly, I manually assigned GPS locations so it can show on maps, and I used facial recognition to group photos by people. When I presented the solution to him on his 77th birthday, he was amazed.

Life and Memories Unlimited

Some Googling after this experience told me there are probably many more people like my father who accumulated a rich legacy of their family memories but do not have a good way to get those precious memories organized, so their whole family can enjoy them and pass them along from generation to generation. 

That was the origin of LAMU. You can read more about this story here