Our Happy Customers

Below are some feedbacks we received from LAMU users: 

"About three weeks ago I collapsed during a conference call and long story short I had an event in my heart that put me in the hospital for four days and had me wearing a monitor. During that time one can't help but wonder if you are leaving everything in order for your loved ones. For the most part I am a solid planner, but in the area of pictures, memories and time reminders, I simply sucked. I wanted to get these in order for my wife, my daughter and my ex-wife, friends and family. I sometimes forget how fortunate I have been and opening those pics on my laptop drove that home and what I am leaving behind. So thank you for the product."

                    -- Rob, Colorado

"LAMU made my life so much easier, I got all my photos organized with very little effort. Finding photos is a breeze now. "

                 --Erica, North Carolina

"I just created a special day for my daughter's birthday, and immediately I am able to see all her birthday photos over the years. That's powerful!"

                 -- Lily, Virginia

"I have loaded over 42,000 photos into LAMU so far. It works great. I can quickly get to my photos in so many ways. Love it. "

                 -- James, Virginia

"My son asked me for some photos of him and his friends from high school. I did a people-search in LAMU and it found them all in no time. This is a very nice tool. "

                 -- Cathy, Ohio

"Face recognition works great, it finds people way back in the group photo. LAMU grouped 95% of the faces into correct people. I did have to manually assign some faces. But it is well worth the effort. And being able to organize my photos using the family tree is wonderful."

                 -- Gary, Maryland

"I got LAMU for my mom. She has tons of photos and videos of our family. I helped her to gather all of them onto LAMU and connected the computer to her TV. The slideshow function works great. Now she can sit on her couch and enjoy them on the big screen. Great product!"

                 -- Kim, California

"My name is Johnna and I’m 75 years old. I had a list of several projects I wanted to complete when I retired in 2016. One of those projects was to organize and put into digital format all of the pictures from my family and my husband’s family and the pictures we had created over our 52 years of marriage with four kids and six grandkids. As you can imagine, the majority of my photos were not in digital format. They were in paper format stored in boxes, some Polaroids, some in the envelopes from the store where we had the film developed, some were postcards from the 20’s and 30’s. The pictures weren’t dated, didn’t have any identification on them, and were generally a jumbled mess with photos of the same event in multiple boxes. My first task was to put them into date order. I would open a box, take a handful of pictures and sort. The first group was from the 1880’s and I was able to use decades as my sorter until I got to the 30’s and then it was year by year for the next 90 years. I spread the photos out on tables in my basement and threatened severe punishment for anyone that messed with or knocked the pictures off after they were sorted. During all this time I kept looking for the right software to use to store my treasures. I’m very particular and want things to be and do exactly what I need for my purposes. If you’ve done the research you know it seems an impossible task to find the right product for how you work. Late one night I stumbled across LAMU on the Internet and started a dialogue with Luke that continues as I work through the process of getting all these pictures put into his system. Each picture I pick up evokes a memory. I have brought my children into conversations about when did we get that table or those curtains; who was your date for Prom that year; did you really wear that same outfit for three years? It has been a learning experience too. I couldn’t identify a house from my childhood and asked my half-brother (who is 11 years older) if he knew where it was. I found out I had lived in a town that I didn’t even know about. Cousins have helped me discover articles and books about their parents that let me see those aunts and uncles of mine in whole new lights. For me it has been a wonderful journey with Luke and LAMU always responsive to my requests for the software to do this or that. The customer support is wonderful and feels like I have a friend helping me solve a problem. I’m down to scanning the school pictures of my youngest (who is soon to be 48) and then I’ll have all of the paper pictures scanned and will be ready to complete another import into LAMU. The good news is that going forward it will be very easy to transfer the photos from messages, emails, and my phone as events occur. Then when I want to take a trip down memory lane I just have to open LAMU and go anywhere I want."

                    -- Johnna, Missouri