LAMU Data Transfer Utility

If you have purchased multiple LAMU devices and would like to copy data from a LAMU device that you have already organized the photos to another LAMU device. Please follow the steps below:

Steps to Transfer Data from One LAMU Device to Another LAMU Device

1. Have your source LAMU device ready, but do not connect it to your computer yet.

2. Connect your target LAMU device to the computer. Windows will assign a drive letter to the device. Note the drive letter.

3. Download the utility program from the link below. This is a zip file.


4. Save the zip file to the root of the target LAMU drive.

5. Uncompress (In File Explorer, right click on the zip file and choose Extract All) This will create a folder named "LamuTransfer" under the root of the target LAMU drive. The folder has the following files:



6. Double click on the LamuTransfer.exe application file to start the utility program. Since these files are downloaded from the Internet, you will get a warning message from Windows like below: "Windows protected your PC Microsoft Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk." Click "More Info". Then click Run Anyway.

7. Connect the source LAMU device to your computer. Note the Driver letter assigned to the source LAMU drive.

8. In the LAMU Transfer program window, select the source drive as path to transfer from.



9. Click the Start button will begin the transfer.

10. Once the transfer completes, you should be able to run LAMU on the new device and have all the exact same data as the source LAMU device.


Note, when you transfer data from the source LAMU device to the target LAMU device, all existing data on the target device will be replaced with data from the source device.