LAMU Software Update

LAMU software is updated regularly to fix bugs and introduce new features. All LAMU devices comes with life-time free software updates. Updated software can be obtained from within the LAMU software.

Click on the LAMU logo at the bottom left of the Main Screen.

Then click on the "Updates" button in the Action Bar at the top right of the screen. The software update window will open. It will immediately check if there are updates available. It will then download and install the latest version of components if you choose to update your LAMU.

LAMU does not automatically check for updates each time you run it. It is important that you manually check and update your LAMU once a while in order to receive new features and bug fixes.


December 30, 2019:
Version 20191230 of LAMU application is released today. This release includes a number of bug fixes and a new feature: Find Similar Photos.

Bug Fixes Included in this Release:
  1. Under Manage Device, Export Media was missing progress indicator and show “Wait for process to complete” even after the export has been completed successfully. This has been fixed. The progress bar and completion status now display correctly during export. 
  2. Under Manage Device, Backup was missing progress indicator. Now the progress bar displays progress correctly.
  3. When “Enable Device Access”, the Cancel button in the confirmation message box had no effect. This has been fixed.
  4. When drill down in map view, if there are more than 1000 photos at a single location, the drill down fails. This has been fixed.
New Features Included in this Release:

Find Similar Photos:
The purpose of this feature is to help identify photos that look alike. LAMU will automatically filter out exact copies of same files during import. When you take multiple shots of the same scene, or if you edit a photo and save the edited photo, these are distinct files and LAMU will import all of them. If you wish to keep only one photo from a series of shots, you can use this feature to identify all look-alike photos to review and delete unwanted photos.

To access this feature, click the Search Box, then click the "Similar Photos" button on the top Action Bar.


Three Ways to Report an Issue to LAMU: 

  1. From within LAMU, Click on the LAMU Logo at the bottom left of the screen, then click on "Report an Issue" button. Then fill out the form and submit. 
  2. Send us an Email: 
  3. Use the Online Contact Form