Revive LAMU from Backup

If you lost LAMU files on the original LAMU device or some of the files are corrupted, you can simply copy the files from your backup to the original LAMU drive to fix missing or corrupted files issue.
If your original LAMU device stopped working and you need to restore LAMU to a new external USB drive, after copying all the LAMU files from your backup to the new external drive, you will need to follow the steps below to revive LAMU on the new external USB drive: 
  1. Download the utility from the link below: 
  1. Save the zip file to the backup USB drive and un-compress it. (Make sure to save the zip file to the uSB drive and then un-compress to a folder on the same drive). Do not directly open the files from the compressed file as the program will not run. It must be uncompressed first. 
  2. From the uncompressed folder, double-click LamuRevive.exe to run the Application.  You might get a warning from Windows since this is downloaded from the Internet. Click More Info and then click Run Anyway. 
  3. It will ask for an auth code. Enter the auth code you received from LAMU support. 
  4. Continue with the Revive process.