User Guide


If you have imported music/audio files, you can find them in this view. This view displays music/audio files using the folder structure of the original sources where they are imported from.

This view is divided into two sides. The left side is the tree view and the right side will show list of music/audio files when a leaf folder is selected.

Navigating the Folder Tree:

The tree view is fully expanded when loaded. You can collapse some nodes if needed. The folder structure is constructed using the original folder structure. The number of files is shown for each leaf folder. Select a leaf folder to see the list of music/audio files.

Playing Audio:

Double click on an audio file will start playing. You can also select a file and then click the Play button in the Action Bar to start playing.

Stop Playing:

Click on the "Stop" button to stop playing.

Change Volume:

Click and drag the green Volume control in the Action Bar to reduce or increase volume.

When you have music files in your library, you can also play background music when you view slide shows.