Working with Antivirus Software

Working with Antivirus Software

If you have antivirus software running on your computer, these antivirus software may stop LAMU from running. Some antivirus software may quarantine the LAMU executables. In these cases, you may receive an error message that says File Not Found, or Permission Denied. 

It is important to keep your antivirus software running. Do not disable your antivirus software in order to run LAMU. Instead, you can tell your antivirus software to allow LAMU to run. 

In the event your antivirus software has quarantined the LAMU executable files, you can restore the files by following the instructions. 

Below are links to articles for the most common antivirus software. Please follow the instructions to restore LAMU executables if they have been quarantined and give permission for LAMU to run on your computer. 

There are two LAMU Executables that should be whitelisted. One is the StartLAMU.exe located at the root of LAMU drive. The other is LAMU.exe located in the LAMU\app\bin folder. 


Restore or delete quarantined items in Malwarebytes for Windows – Malwarebytes Support

Add to the Allow List in Malwarebytes for Windows – Malwarebytes Support


Act on quarantined risks or threats (

Allow Internet access for a blocked program (

NIS 2017- How to Whitelist... a program? | Norton Community





Missing StartLAMU.exe 

If StartLAMU.exe is missing from your LAMU drive root, you can download the LAMU root files from the link below. After downloading the zip file, un-compress it and copy the missing files to the LAMU root. 

LAMU Root Files